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  Morgellons Photo Journal Index


Journal Tips & Hints ~ From Jan

See Size Comparison Photos

Motile Sugar Snakes

Morgellons Photos 1 through 18

Tentacles of Grey Goo

 Morgellons Photos 19 through 56

Mysterious Red Glowing Gel


Morgellons Photos 57 through 80

Blue Fibers "The Golden Heads"  Morgellons Photos 81 through 126

Bad Hair Day

Morgellons Photos 127 through 166

Great Balls of Fiber and More

Morgellons Photos 167 through 272

Oddities and Ends

Morgellons Photos 273 through 360


A Personal Message From Jan

The best and simplest way to read the journal is to start at the beginning  and read the headings and captions of each photo in order.  The journal will lose it's purpose if it is only quickly scanned in favor of looking at the photos.  The whole point of this  journal is to tell a story with the photos.  Please take your time and take it all in.

Over many years I have taken hundreds of Morgellons photos, collected  data and even done a few experiments. Thanks to a Morgellons friend of mine who offered to help me with this new website I am finally putting together all of my work in one place.


I am just a person with Morgellons Disease who has been on a quest for answers for a long time.  I have no answers for easy cures.  I am still trying to understand all of the Morgellons complexities myself.  I don't pretend to know all of the answers. I can only express my observations and and conclusions from my own perspective.  If anyone from the medical research profession would like to come forward and offer to help and further our understanding about Morgellons, it would be a great gift.


I know that each of us may have similarities as well as differences in how this disease presents itself.  I am interested in hearing what other Morgellons sufferers have observed and will consider  posting their photos and other relevant information at this website. 

We are all in this together.

Thanks for stopping by - Jan Smith


Size Comparison

Morgellons particles are extremely tiny.  Most cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Although they are microscopic particles, many are of great complexity.  These tiny particles are the cause of serious physical harm.


This microcosm of evil can easily be viewed with a microscope. Refer to the photos of common Morton table salt (below) as you view the photos to get a size perspective of this tiny hidden world.


Compare size of salt crystals to Morgellons Disease objects.

Compare size of salt crystals to Morgellons Disease objects.



  Salt Crystal for size comparison 200Xmagnification     Salt Crystal for size comparison 60Xmagnification  




A note about all of my Morgellons butane burn experiments.

          Jan Smith describes her melted fiber tests The temperature of the butane flame is 1400 to 1700 Morgellons burn experiments explained.

Photos above are of Owens Corning fiberglass insulation which I melted using the same butane torch I used in all Morgellons fiber tests.  The temperature of the butane flame is 1400-1700 degrees. .

Go To:

CHAPTER 1 -  Motile Sugar Snakes -  Morgellons Photos # 1 through 18

CHAPTER  2 - Tentacles of Grey Goo -  Morgellons Photos # 19 through 56

CHAPTER 3 - Mysterious Red Glowing Gel -  Morgellons Photos # 57 through 80

CHAPTER 4 - Blue Fibers "The Goldenheads" -  Morgellons Photos # 81 through 126

CHAPTER 5 - Bad Hair Day Morgellons photos # 127 through 166

CHAPTER 6 - Great Balls of Fiber and More -  Morgellons photos # 167 through 272

CHAPTER 7 - Oddities and Ends -  Morgellons photos # 273 through 360


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