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Morgellons Videos

Morgellons Nano UFO

(unidentified floating object)


Morgellons crust (scab) with one drop of saline and two drops alcohol applied. The crust itself moved very little but there is a clear view of a nano machine that emerges from the mists at the bottom left of the crust at about 1 minute into the video. A strange oval object emerges with two dots on it and there appear to be some other flashing particles that are part of the scene. The oval (I call it the nano-ship) disappears into the mists but notice the lights in this particle and the activity in the mists around the particle. There are also strange lights coming from the Morgellons particle. I though it might be my lighting but it was from the crust. There is not a lot of activity toward the end of the video. Nano-bots just don't perform on command. (not at my command anyway) I do wonder what is commanding them.



Morgellons Nano Plaques Attempting to Reunify 60x


Plaques on a concave slide with 2 drops normal saline added strange plaques made of numerous "nano life-like forms" cover Morgellons lesions instead of normal scabs. These plaques have been found to be an aggregation of tiny independent/interdependent organisms. I would call it a form of quorum sensing and it appears there is a connection amongst the particles. When these life forms are together they can act as one unit but when parts of the quorum are damaged they will separate and move away from each other. If individual plaques are separated by dissection and the pieces are still vital they will attempt to join together again. I believe there are two joined organisms on the right and one organism on the left that was once joined to this piece which is now in distress. The vital plaques are attempting to reconnect to the lone plaque in this video. The first part of the video was lit from beneath. The red gel mass in the organism on the right shows movement in the gel. The mollusk-like foot that each of these organisms have is seen in this video.



Morgellons Sparkly Silicon Nano Lights



A scab from a Morgellons lesion is viewed at 60x under the microscope. A drop of saline solution is added and the party begins. This pathogen is disturbed and the silicon crystal nano particles move and surface from the lifelike scab and send out a light signal. Is it an SOS? It doesn't like the saline. I just wonder who is getting the signal. Am I now chipped? At the end of the video I increased magnification to 200x to make sure nobody thought all the light play was bubbles.




Morgellons Nano Scab Dance



Morgellons silicon based scab particle on lesion is removed and placed in a solution of saline. When the salt hits them it's time to split! larger scab get yellow glow in front. Nano technology at it's finest.



Morgellons Blood Sucking Tentacles are Alive



Watch as a silicone based piece of debris from a Morgellons lesion comes to life when 0.9%sailine solution is dropped on the slide. 

This disease is real. People are suffering and being called delusional.

Take a good look and ask how or why this disease is being denied. On the body these tentacles suck our blood and fuel the pathogen. The truth is out there.



Morgellons Nano Fibers at 10x Magnification




This video is take at a magnification of 10 x. These fibers would not be visible to the naked eye. The fibers are growing out of a lesion coated with a crust that has been on my knuckle for over 3 months. The movements of these strands appears to be an unnatural kind of movement. These strands represent what I call the 'motile strands'. The movements are jerky and not what I would expect to see from a natural nematode. I have performed burn tests on these strands with a butane flame. The results of the burn tests yield a melted ball of plastic-like material as shown below in both the video and pictures.



KW NanoMachine-From Morgellons Victim



Mirror-like foil inside of nano machine is revealed. Many colors inside. Mems Gem? For other earlier videos of this object see all videos by chaosonline7.


Wires In the Brain





Crystal Fiber

See Jan's Photo Journal Collection #6 entitled "Great Balls of Fiber and More". View photos #167 through 174

Morgellons organism @ 200x






Anonymous (for now)

 Morgellons Video GRP.wmv

Gillian from Australia made this great video. 


Videos of Interest



 Here is a Video that I think is both horrifying and true.  If you are awake you will know many of these things all ready. 


Phil Schneider Lecture - Nov 1995 (Aliens don't exist here)

American Patriot gave his life to get this important message to the public.   For more information and videos go to                philschneider.org





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