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Made in Scotland, as the name indicates, Scotch whisky is distilled from malted barley and other grains. From the west coast of Scotland, Oban 14 is great for the beginning Scotch drinker and the seasoned pro - but does it belong in your collection. Most of Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength 3rd Edition the output of the four small stills and small on-site traditional dunnage warehouse goes straight into Chivas Regal blends, and only a little of it sees distribution as a single malt. The distillery was originally called Clynelish, and the license gained by the Marquis in 1824 went through several hands until 1896, when the distillery was acquired bya Glasgow blending company called James Ainslie. With three distilleries on the island, DCL was more exposed than most and Port Ellen drew the short straw. That tenure has included the wholesale makeover of the Glenmorangie range around Secret Islay Ileach Cask Strength Peated Islay Malt Original and a tight roster of Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength 3rd Edition finishes, alongside regular high-end and limited releases, such as the annual Private Edition bottlings. The spirit is then matured in oak casks for at least three years. Usually a Bourbon drinker mixed with the occasional Auchentoshan (and a whole lot of sips of others as my brother continues his never ending pursuit to convince me of Scotlands superiority in whisky). The whiskies are then plotted in relation to the four flavor attributes. Score: 74 points - it starts out above average but the biting, bitter finish pulls it beneath 75 points. Today I look at the widely available Ardmore Legacy single malt - a lightly peated whisky with a lovely bottle. Springbank distillery was founded in 1828 and remains to be one of the very few independently owned distilleries in Scotland.

In 2003 the London-based blenders and producers Angus Dundee bought and re-opened the distillery. She has sourced and blended mature malt and grain whiskeys to create. Revival is a rich and intensely flavoured whisky, Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength 3rd Edition showcasing the heavily sherried style that Glendronach is well-known for. Around this time they have eight stainless steel washbacks with a capacity of 50,000 litres each. The blend comes together as a smooth whisky full of vanilla and dark fruit. Deanston 12 and The Irishman Single Malt also make an appearance. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. The result is treacle toffee, chocolate and maple syrup with a hint of spice. Legally, there are five types of Scotch whisky, each with Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength 3rd Edition a slightly different definition. Wine-Searcher also produces detailed reports for market insights Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength 3rd Edition into the industry. While Springbank has a portfolio of 17 expressions on offer, all of which are expensive to very expensive, Longrow has seven and Hazelburn just two. So much sherry, yet not too sweet for an Islay lover. Blends have dominated the Scotch industry for over a century, and continue to do so today. I included this one in a lineup of scotches to sample as a newbie. The distillery eventually recommenced production, and continued moving from strength to strength.

One of the greatest whisky I have tasted very smooth and flavoured, very pleasurable and enjoyable to drink. The Dalmore distillery (image via The Dalmore) Wars are expensive, and as the war with France became more urgent, so did the need for tax revenue. The oldest of the blends on our list, Chivas works both single malts and grains into their composition, resulting in a delicious offering that continuously wins awards around the globe for its smooth and gentle character. Please tell us where you are and when you were born. Buffalo Trace Distillery, located in Frankfort, Kentucky.

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