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In addition to a wide range of whiskies you can explore the Shop for keepsakes and gifts: engraved tasting glasses, books, clothing, whisky fudge, honey, jam, marmalade, mustard, tea towels and lots more. By following their basic recipe for the types of barrels, and how long each one has aged, they are able to make subtle adjustments to ensure a consistent quality. The wood finishes series features four distinct styles: a Port Wood Finish, a Peated Port Wood Finish, a Pedro Ximinez Sherry Wood Finish and a Peated Virgin Oak Wood Finish. This fine drink cheers me up no end, I think it must be the unique grain blend. At 53 bought my first bottle of Old Pulteney after watching Ralfy on Youtube. The new spirit must then be matured in new American white oak barrels for a minimum period of at least two years. In doing so, we take a complementary approach between age itself and the fundamental character of the spirit that is Balblair Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Both its whisky and its history are worthy of further exploration. The heart Glengoyne Bartels Single Cask 14038 1997 17 Year Old and soul of Highland Park - a perfect harmony of aromatic smoky Edradour Ceramic Jug Decanter Single Malt 10 Year Old peat, sweet heather honey and rich fruit cake. The warm honey- ish and smoky finish lasts for Famous Grouse Vintage Malt 1992 12 Year Old a long time. The mash tun contains only a tonne of grist, the washbacks are wooden, and the stills have a slightly rudimentary look about them suggestive of a more rustic approach to whisky-making. Unfortunately, it grows quite gritty towards the finish. Bought some today and it is still superb scotch for the price. Some chewy fruit with malty notes and a bit of smoke, thanks to the Lagavulin in the blend. THIS is probably the best whisky I have ever tried. It is not entirely clear whose whisky the King tasted. Pulteney distills its whiskey in the in the northern most Highlands, so it stays a bit off the beaten Blended Malt 500 Year Malt whisky tour path.

A diminutive man who loved shooting large beasts in Africa, small birds and deer in Scotland and catching salmon in the Spey, he installed the first electric light Glen Grant Speyside Single Malt Scotch 1950 60 Year Old seen in the area powered by turbines in the distillery, and is claimed to have had the first motor car in the Highlands. A wonderful dram - smoky, smooth and peaty all at the same time. Crucial to tasting is that it helps you distinguish different Scotches from one another. Not only did it have capacity, but doing so allowed the distillery to stay open. The wash backs are usually made from Oregon pine or cypress wood, which is especially resistant to fungi. To discover our range of handcrafted Scotch Whiskies and what makes our distillery so special, you must first be of legal drinking age in your country of residence. Flavored whiskeys Famous Grouse Vintage Malt 1992 12 Year Old may be the latest and greatest thing in America, but for hundreds of years the Scottish Drambuie has been combining Scotch whisky with local honey, herbs and spices. Sample Famous Grouse Vintage Malt 1992 12 Year Old whisky straight from the cask in our warehouse and meet the modern-day Viking descendants whose skill and dedication make Highland Park stand Famous Grouse Vintage Malt 1992 12 Year Old apart today. For the new 2014 edition, Master Blender Ian MacMillan gathered inspiration from the Graham family. Whiskey not only combats the free radicals, but it also prevents them from forming. Finish A little peppery and spicy on the finish, but overall a very smooth and refined blend.

The comment Famous Grouse Vintage Malt 1992 12 Year Old from the recipient was "this is now my favourite whisky". Now comes the real art: selecting the casks so their individual characteristics work together, where the whole is greater Famous Grouse Vintage Malt 1992 12 Year Old than the sum of its parts. From rich and decadent, long-matured sherry casks, to elegant bourbon casks and fresh-and-fruity combinations of the two, the quality of these whiskies has been phenomenal. On the other hand, column stills can be used to produce whisky of a high ABV on a more industrial scale. It is perfect for those moments when one wants to sit and relax for a few minutes. The full-bodied flavor of Double Black is extremely complex and includes a fascinating mix of smoke with vanilla and dried fruits. Today, the spring and the lands surrounding it are wholly owned by our family, safeguarding it now and forever more.

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