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On the nose a slight salty brine with wonderful banana Glenlivet Cellar Collection French Oak Finish 1983 20 Year Old and pineapple sweetness and just a subtle hint of peat. The comparison is done using some variant of blind A-B testing. Ardmore remains a favorite among Speyside whiskeys and is a great choice for those who prefer a more robust, savory whiskey. The myth that Single Malts are better than blends is easily dispelled, especially Glenlivet Cellar Collection French Oak Finish 1983 20 Year Old with a taste of some of the incredible blends that exist out there. It has an immediately recognisable amber colour and is sweet to taste followed by a fresh appetising fruitiness and a long smooth finish. The new presentation of an old Bowmore favourite, the no-age-statement Legend. ABOUT THE BALVENIE The Balvenie is a gem among all other single malts boasting a unique combination of natural alchemy and centuries old craftsmanship. Glen Garioch is made the same way today as it has always been, but it never stops being fascinating. If the blenders are nosing new make spirit to determine which malts shall finally Laphroaig Authentic Collection 1998 13 Year Old 2041 find a place in their blend, are they allowed to do that by the distillery selling them the component single malt. Here you know everything about Best Scotch whisky brands. The Dalmore 15 Year Old Tasting Notes Good attack on the palate, elegant and refined. I find its Auchentoshan Old Malt Cask 1999 17 Year Old more complex and bigger on taste than the ten year old. Handling the sales and marketing for such an exceptional spirit is both Glenlivet Cellar Collection French Oak Finish 1983 20 Year Old an honour and a great personal pleasure, such is its quality.

Functioning as a newer addition to the Famous Grouse family, Mellow Gold is a blend that was conceived and executed by Master Blender Gordon Motion using a combination of bourbon and sherry casks. It develops in the glass, picking up more fruit and slowly cutting the citrus notes. A good basic if you are into mixing your own malts. Not a gram of ghoul in this batch, a pure stream flowing into my throat. This distillery is so efficient, that the entire spirit production can be run by one Glenlivet Cellar Collection French Oak Finish 1983 20 Year Old man managing their computer automated production system. We offer a range of tours to suit all pockets and tastes. For us, this means unrivalled quality control and the Glenlivet Cellar Collection French Oak Finish 1983 20 Year Old opportunity to pour decades of experience and passion into every drop of our world-class whisky. On the other hand, single malt whisky is simply the product of one distillery. By public transport from Edinburgh city centre, there is the East Lothian Bus service 113 which departs from Princes Street (outside the Mercure Hotel) and takes just over an hour to reach the village of Pencaitland. Samples are taken regularly from Glenburgie Authentic Collection 31 Year Old each cask to find out when the whisky has reached its prime.

It finishes semi-dry and retains a balanced smoke for a period just long enough that the taste buds crave more. Speyside blended malt featuring whiskies sourced from Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes. Palate : The gentle fruitiness continues on to the palate, with pear the dominant note, accompanied by a refreshing mintiness. The amount of these secondary constituents retained in the spirit depends upon the shape of the still and the way it is operated and also on the strength at which the spirit is drawn off. It did indeed became more alcoholic and prickling - but remained inexpressive.

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