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Morgellons Photos ~ A Bad Hair Day


Photos # 127 through 166



Most people will never know what a really bad hair day can be like unless they have Morgellons disease.  The photos speak for themselves.

Each hair follicle is a far more complex structure than meet the eye.  Each comes complete with an individual capillary for blood supply, a sebaceous gland and matrix cells.  The goo and fibers of Morgellons disease appear to thrive in this location.

I have done a burn experiment with a mutated Morgellons hair also known as a macrofiber.  In this burn experiment the mutated hair burned rapidly and was reminiscent of a fried pork rind.  The unfortunate aftermath of the 30 second butane burn was to find an unwelcome visitor living inside the bulb of the hair.

Another remarkable finding was that I sent a number of slides to a researcher.  After over a year they were still unopened and in storage at the researcher's office.  I asked to have them sent back to me since I had found another researcher who was able to take them to a lab.  When I opened the box I got quite a surprise.  (see photos 140-143)

What I find difficult to understand is why no physician I have ever gone to has seen a single Morgellons symptom on my body with the exception of lesions.  The lack of acknowledgement of my symptoms is because not one of them ever looked, even when I asked them to. Perhaps they have never learned about the existence of the microscopic world.  Could it be that they are not supposed to look at all?

See Size Comparison Photos of Salt Crystals




Here is a big, ugly mutated hair as plucked from my leg.  60x


This is a closer shot of the hair bulb of the previous hair.  200xThi







Here is the same fiber after I burned it with a butane flame for 30 seconds.  It sizzled, puffed up and got crispy.  60x


I crushed the burned hair and it turned into ash.  The passenger  inside the burned fiber was not damaged.  Note the small blue fiber to the right side of the ashes.  200x





Diseased hair bulb and the fiber that lives inside of it.   60x 666www


Close-up of diseased hair showing it's a grooved blue fiber.  200x







This goo laden hair reveals a lovely medium blue fiber.  60x


Close-up of distorted hair bulb and fiber.  from photo #133.  200x



This fiber is growing out of the goo on the hair itself.  200x




This fiber is growing out of the goo on the hair itself.  200x


This hair bulb is sporting a long stylishly looped blue fiber.    60x







A short goo covered fiber emerges from this mutated hair bulb.   60x


This Morgellons hair is growing a big fiber that is  like a miniature hair.  200x







BEFORE-This hair was sent to a researcher in this condition .  It was sandwiched between two glass slides and sealed with scotch tape.  60x


AFTER-One year later I received my original package back unopened.  This is what my hair had become while on a slide for one year.   60x







BEFORE-This is the second hair sent to the researcher who had returned it a year later.  The package still had it's original seal 60x


AFTER-The dramatic results show both a haze of some kind of activity on the slide  as well as the growth of the fibers.   What could have caused this growth?  60x







I will call this one the "kangaroo fiber."  A pouch of goo has formed lower on the hair shaft.  The hair bulb is mutated. 60x


Here is another perspective of the pouch with needle beneath it.  60x







I used a needle to poke open the pouch to take a closer look.  I see the black specks that are waiting to mature into something.  200x


Someone suggested that the goo formed the chimeric shape of an animal.   They nicknamed it "Scooby goo".  200x







Hair with a goo top containing a something creepy  inside of it.  200x


I removed the piece of goo with the creepy thing inside.  I have no idea what it is.  200x




This hair also has the glowing red gel inside the goo.  That means it's growing season for something.  60x




This hair has the glowing red gel inside of the goo.  60x


This hair also has the glowing red gel inside the goo.  That means it's growing season for something.  60x







The Morgellons hairs  sometimes become ingrown in the lesions.  This one has a dark spot of something in the middle of the goo.  200x


Here is the  ingrown hair with the goo removed.  It is a perfect spiral.  200x







Morgellons diseased hair.  60x


Morgellons diseased hair.  60x







Morgellons diseased hair.  60x


Morgellons diseased hair with blue plaque attached  60x







Morgellons diseased hair.  60x


Morgellons diseased hair has a sheath of goo with a dark speck inside of it.  200x







Morgellons diseased hair.  200x


Diseased hair bulb.  200x







Morgellons diseased hair with blue fiber growing in bulb.   60x


Morgellons diseased hair.   60x







Morgellons diseased hair.  60x


 Morgellons diseased hair bulb.  200x





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