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Morgellons Plaques, Metallics and Hexagons


I have found many flat, colorful particles in Morgellons lesions and coming out of pores on my body.  I have called these flat, microscopic particles "plaques."


The plaques were not evident in the earlier years of this disease.  Now I find them frequently.  This paper is a collection of multicolor and blue plaques removed from lesions on my face and arms.  Some are clear (glassy) while others are on a substrate of a milky material material that appears to dissipate over time.  See my experiment later on this page for documentation.  The back of the milky plaques are solid white.  When the milky material is not present the plaques are like colored glass.  They are brittle and break like glass (silica?) if moved.  I have been able to catch one in transition from milky to clear. 



All of my photos are 200x magnification.


Photos #1 through 4 are in the milky stage.



# 1  200x

# 2  200x


# 3  200x

# 4  200x




Here are some web photos of quantum dots to compare


    Notice the similarity of coloration.



Quantum dots

web photo



Quantum dots in a mouse

Quantum dots

web photo



What are the Capabilities of Quantum Dots?  

 Wikepedia Definition

What are the Capabilities of Quantum Dots?  

 Wikepedia Definition

A quantum dot is  a semiconductor whose excitons are confined in all three spatial dimensions. As  a result, they have properties that are between those of bulk semiconductors  and those of discrete molecules. They were discovered by Louis E. Brus, who  was then at Bell Labs. The term "Quantum Dot" was coined by Mark Reed   Researchers have studied quantum dots in transistors, solar cells, LEDs, and diode lasers. They have also investigated quantum dots as agents  for medical imaging and hope to use them as qubits.  Although quantum computing  is still in its infancy, experiments have been carried out in which quantum computational operations were executed on a very small number of qubits (quantum bit). Both practical and theoretical research continues with interest, and many national government and military funding agencies support quantum computing research to develop quantum computers for both civilian and national security purposes, such as cryptanaly

Quantum Dot Hazards 


2. February 2009 22:56

Quantum dots have the potential to bring many good things into the world: efficient solar power, targeted gene and drug delivery, solid-state lighting and advances in biomedical imaging among them.  But they may pose hazards as well.

A team of Rice researchers has been working to discover the health risks of quantum dots, molecule-sized semiconducting nanocrystals that are generally composed of heavy metals surrounded by an organic shell.

Pedro Alvarez, Rice's George R. Brown Professor and chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, published a paper in ACS Environmental Science and Technology showing that under even mildly acidic or alkaline conditions, the shells can break down, releasing their toxic contents into the body or the environment. He coauthored  the paper with colleagues Vicki Colvin, the Pitzer-Schlumberger Professor of Chemistry and in chemical and biological engineering, researcher Shaily Mahendra and postdoc Huiguang Zhu.

"We're interested in the long-term implications of nanotechnology, and we recognized quantum dots are going to be produced in large quantities," said Mahendra, who did the bulk of the research. "We thought we should be proactive in studying their effects so that we can take part in the development of safety guidelines."

The dots, 1/50,000ths the width of a human hair, were found to be safe in applications with a neutral pH environment. However, the study suggested when such products are discarded, they can eventually release their toxins into the environment." In that way, quantum dots resemble batteries," said Alvarez, referring to common nickel-cadmium cells that people are warned not to throw in the trash. "They're often made of coatings that are biocompatible and stable in water, but the moment we lose that coating, which can happen through a variety of mechanisms, they can release toxic compounds."

Used in solar cells, quantum dots may be quickly weathered by acid rain, he said. Another concern is that acids in the body could break down dots used in such medical applications as in vivo imaging. "If they degrade faster than they can be excreted, there's the potential for heavy metals to be released into the body," said Alvarez. "Then their impact becomes a
question of dose."

The team tested its theories on common bacteria that serve as models of cell toxicity and  indicators of environmental health. At near-neutral pH, bacteria exposed to quantum dots containing cadmium and selenium showed decreased rates of growth but did not die. But in moderately acidic or alkaline conditions, quantum dot shells decomposed more rapidly, killing the bacteria in a matter of hours.

On the positive side, the study also found certain proteins and such natural organic matter as humic acids may mitigate the effects of decomposing quantum dots by coating them or by complexing the metal ions released, making them less toxic.

The researchers cautioned that short-term studies can't easily predict whether toxins released by quantum dots will build up in the body over time. "We hope our work will stimulate research by other labs into the release dynamics," said Alvarez.

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 The plaques (Quantum Dots? )below, #5-8 are clear and more glass like.


# 5 200x

# 6 200x


# 7 200x

# 8 200x

Baseline comparison of salt crystals magnified at 200x to compare to size of samples.


The two photos below are parts of one large plaque that I found on my face.  It broke into many pieces when I tried to remove it from a piece of tape. The Back is still solid milky white as seen in some pieces and was multicolor on the front.


# 9 200x

# 10 200x

# 11  Unusual plaque containing paisley shapes on a milky crust with red fiber attached 200x



This next batch of plaques recently unearthed themselves for a very old lesion on my chin that never quite heals but dissipates and then reactivates.  This lesion seems to be a perpetual hot spot on my body for metal particles, plaques and other unique debris.  It appears to be a major hub for the Morgellons activity in my face and is rooted to my teeth and gum area as well.  Applications of various substances to this chin lesion will cause tooth and gum pain so it more than a superficial skin lesion.


It is interesting that plaque #1 on this page came from my chin over a year ago.


Plaque # 1 view1 200x

Plaque # 1 view 2 200x



After using a mixture of urea cream and apple cider vinegar for several days on this lesion many layers of crusts were able to easily be removed. The underlying layer on this lesion was the material you see below in the photos. Note that they match Plaque #1 from a year ago.



Chin plaque 7/20/2009 60x

Chin plaque 7/20/2009 200x

There seems to be a sort of pattern to the coloration distribution. Is it a schematic like quantum dots?

A curious aspect of these plaques is that only one side has pigmentation the reverse side of the plaques is a milky white substrate.


Chin plaque 7/20/2009 200x

Chin plaque 7/20/2009 200x

Back of plaque with 2 particles from front stuck to it 200x


Added 1/14/2010 Plaque from chin 200x .  The blue circles are fibers in a circular formation. (front of plaque)

Added 1/14/2010 Plaque from chin 200x . This is the back of plaque in the previous photo.  It has multiple colored  tiny  specks on the surface that appear to be the genesis for more fibers. 200x



Additional  Finds


   Added 1/14/2010~Rainbow crust 200x chin.



  Added 1/14/2010~New plaque from hand 200x.



  Added 1/14/2010~New plaque from chin 200x.


  Added 2/6/2010~New plaque front view 200x.


  Added 1/14/2010~New plaque 200x back view


Added 3/17/2010~New chin plaque #1 200x front view

Less developed than plaque below (fiber base)

Fluorescent pigmented colors used by the nanotechnology industry.  Take a good look and compare to the plaques.

Added 3/17/2010~New chin plaque#2 200x front view


Added 3/17/2010~New chin plaque#2 200x back view


Added 3/25/2010~New knuckle plaque 150x front view


Added 3/25/2010~New knuckle plaque 150x back view


I usually avoid the ugly tissue photos but I think the reality of what I am finding  is hard to grasp without a visual aid.  Below are two photos of the area of my knuckle where the plaque above was removed.  I hope it is an aid to seeing into this microcosm of grey goo and fibers.  Just because something is not easily seen with the naked eye does not mean it does not exist.  It is very real and part of my reality every day.  Take a look.


3/25/2010~New knuckle plaque area of removal.  This doesn't

seem so bad even magnified at 10 power.


3/25/2010~New knuckle plaque area of removal.  This is what my tissue looks like at 60x.   No blood comes up to form a scab to heal my skin,

I get silicon-like grey goo-zy amoeboid seepage with fibers, plaques and nano devices. This material comes out of all my pores as well as the lesions. The medical profession totally ignores it but I can't - can you?


This is Morgellons debris that exited from a friend of mine. Please note the the sparkly bits and the big metallic fiber.

View 1


She is not well.  How could anyone be well filled with this nano and bio-lab debris. This is NOT made by Mother Nature.  View 2 with increased lighting to show the reflective metallic strand.


Sandy-Texas 1


Sandy-Texas 2


Sandy-Texas 3


Sandy-Texas 4


Sandy-Texas 5


4/06/2010~New Plaque Additions sent in by Morgellons sufferer Sandy in Texas.  Bright pigmentation is also evident in her 5 photos above.  Compare this last photo (5) to the environmental photo below.                


Environmental Sample in Glue on Cardboard Box 200x


Environmental Sample in Glue removed from Cardboard Box



4/09/2010~New Plaque Additions from Jan.  The two sample plaques above are environmental. They are two of of several I found growing in the glue on a cardboard box a while back.  Think about this package sitting in a warehouse gathering dust. (smart dust)  Apparently since it is chemical in nature it can use glue as a growth medium.  I have heard this from a fellow Morgellons researcher regarding the glue he uses on his slides.  It is still attached to the cardboard where there is glue residue in the first photo.

The second photo shows a bit of glue on the lower right side and there is growth of clear fibers along with the plaque (smart dust)  Two glass quarts of liquid vitamins came in this box I got from an internet store.  How ironic that something purchased for good health came in such a lethal package.



4/09/2010 Gentleman-California 100x View1


4/09/2010 Gentleman-California 50x View 2


I tried to determine if the pigmentation on the plaques was fluorescent using a black light.  It did not appear that the material was fluorescent.  I was checking for fluorescent proteins.  I did get another rather unpleasant surprise while doing the black light test. Presently I have 3 lesions on my face including the ever present chin lesion.  These lesions all glowed yellow with the black light.  There is no medication on these lesions so whatever is auto-fluorescent is part of the genetics of Morgellons disease.  It is my goal to have these plaques looked at by a lab to determine the composition and nature of this material. The pigment layer looks like silica or possibly a polymer.


As of late I am seeing a large number of blue plaques which match the color of the blue fibers associated with Morgellons Disease. There must be a relationship. Sometimes blue fluid simply comes out of my pores and forms these plaques on my face immediately .





Blue Plaque Found on Cheek  5/20/10

After showering the pores of my skin must be more open.  The results yield tiny blue plaques stuck to my skin.  I was able to find one on my skin and get a photo .

Blue fluid came out of a pore on my cheek and hardened into this plaque 10x

Here is the plaque after I removed it   It was a hardened polymer. 60x






                                         Compare Speck From my Face to Web photo Smart Dust




Blue Plaque Study

Blue plaque found with white milky back put into a concave slide with distilled water and a few grains of sugar.

Front view at time of removal

Back view at time of removal

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After 2 days the material begins to change and become more glassy.  I used a pink background to show the transparent qualities beginning to develop on the back.

Front 24 hours later

Back 24 hours later

Front 48 hours later

Back 48 hours later

CA Lady     ~metal in strange shapes~   Jan's

These  fragments of metal came out of the lesions.



What is Smart Dust?

from webopedia.com

Millimeter-scale self-contained micro-electromechanical devices that include sensors,  computational ability, bi-directional wireless communications technology and a power supply.

As tiny as dust particles, smart dust motes can be spread throughout buildings or into the atmosphere to collect and monitor data. Smart dust devices have applications in everything from military to meteorological to medical fields.

A Web image of smart dust particles that are really nanoporus glass




New Addition 6/25/2010

Horrifying  Hexagons

Complete horror was experienced by one lady with Morgellons disease.  She had phoned me and told me her story as it was happening.  For a time was she was reluctant to ever let anyone else know this had happened to her.   She has now kindly allowed me to show her photos and tell her story.  She is a brave lady and I trust her story completely.  She has sent me some of her specimens to study.  She wishes to remain anonymous but did want people to know what bizarre and suspicious kinds of material Morgellons disease can produce.  A second lady has also spoken to me about the same manifestation of hexagons in her skin.  It is certainly time to help the public realize that this is not some insect or zoonotic (animal to human ) based disease.

This Lady knew that something was happening to her leg.  She could feel something in it and took a closer look with her digital microscope.   What she observed was like being the main character in a horror movie.  She saw that the texture of her skin had changed and it reminded her of snakeskin.  The normal skin was replaced by a hexagonal pattern.  Here are two photos of what she saw on the calf of her leg 10x magnification. The effected area was less than 2" in diameter.

She wanted to remove this patch of skin in any way possible.  It was not a large patch so she tried many kind of treatments on her skin.  She preferred not to go into details about the removal process since she was taking extreme measures to make it abate. 

The resulting hexagon and attached tissue in the photo below was able to be removed in tact at that time.  Later other clumps containing more glued-together hexagons were also photographed as she removed them from her leg.  She did eventually remove this scourge from her skin and this manifestation has not reappeared.  The question about this manifestation is what was the purpose of it?  It did appear to be something with a deliberate purpose.  Perhaps it is better this lady never had to find out.

All I can say is if anyone thinks that Morgellons disease is about "bugs" they are missing some very important implications and being lead in the wrong direction.  As surreal as this all seems, it is grim a reality to many of us who have to live with Morgellons disease.  I hope the public will wake up soon and help us. This is a highly technical and futuristic lab-created disease. 


Close-up of fiber encasing tiny hexagons


At a later time these clumps of multiple hexagons were removed. These were hard clumps that were bronze in color and were glued together with some kind of biofilm.

The photo below is the shape of Nanotechnology. You will notice that the shapes are also hexagons.  




7/28/10 - What Happened To The Yoda Hexagon?

The original photo of the hexagon was sent to me by a lady in Massachusetts.  She later sent me the actual hexagon so I could take photos of it with my microscope.  It was a while before I could get to her sample and in the meanwhile it stayed in the envelope.  When I finally took a look at the hexagon it was no longer the same.  Something very unusual had happened.  It appears that the Yoda-like hexagon has reproduced.  Take a look.  There is now a second smaller hexagon that is on the surface of the hexagon and Yoda is no longer there


Original photo from MA lady.

This is the Hexagon as I photographed it.

Different lighting shining on small hex.

You can see the surface of the larger hexagon where this was is now bare.  I hope to add an explanation of this phenomenon soon.

Two of the corners of the hex looked saw-toothed like this. This is the other side of the hex it was fully coated with red material.


The photos below are of strange geometric shapes and oddities that have emerged from Morgellons lesions.  The Hexagons may be a form of SMART DUST.   I have only had a couple  of these myself but there are others who are also finding hexagons and other shapes.  I have included those here along with mine.  The Chaos Hexagons were Raman tested at SUNY at Stony Brook.  The material of the hexagons and the glue-like material that held them together were not in the Raman database and are still unidentified material.

..Ruth California ..



 Chaos Nano-Machine - front.


 Chaos Nano-Machine Dissected

 Glyph on Nano-Machine - Back



Jan's Hexagon

Jan's Diamond

Jan's Pyramid Crystal


 Glittery Strand

Glittery Strand

Robin's Hexagon Front

Robin's Hexagon Back

Diamond Shape

CA man - Hexagon

CA man -Emerald

Jan-Round Crystal


The underlying question about all of the objects shown on this page is, what purpose do they have and why are they infesting the bodies of human beings? Who is doing this to us and why is this being ignored? These objects are real and making people ill. Is there anyone out there with enough humanity to get some answers and make this stop?




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